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I dont ever update here omfg

why am i doing this to myself

Been working on this for months

I have no idea what I’m doing


2 years ago
Tagged: #original #wip 

Commission - Lanelle Moura (c) anti-gravity-tits

She’s such a cute character, with a lot of details. They were fiddly, but fun to do~ 

Commissions are still open!! 

See here for more details.

Commissions are still open!


Chibi style - $3

Head - $4

Bust - $5

Full-body - $6 (+$2 per extra character)

will do NSFW art, fanart, original characters, etc. I accept Paypal, and currency equivalents. Inbox me with details.

Slowly colours bunch of losers


Who’s this bunch of losers?

That’d be myself and the other three goofy roleplayers I’m good friends with on gaia.

Yamasenn/BleaLiet/nihao Zebra/herr Tesh

Apologies for the text post

I’m currently open on commissions (in case you hadn’t heard, haha~)

But I was just wondering if I did some original character designs, would anyone be interested in buying them? Like, if I did the physical aspects of the character, like features, clothes, etc, and then whoever buys then uses that design as their own character?

I’d rather see what I’d get feedback wise before I went ahead and did it. Let me know what you think, it’s most helpful!

Roleplay shenanigans again. What if pawfeet?